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Sigurd Kveldulf
Sigurd Kveldulf thumbnail
Sigurd Kveldulf Probably my favorite release by them after their longest sleep. This is definitely some of Arckanums best material. I might even go as far to say their best album but I prefer their early music because it's what gave Arckanum birth. Some of their music takes time to grow on me but this is a win from the very first listen. Favorite track: Þríandi.
Chaos Storm
Chaos Storm thumbnail
Chaos Storm I've been listening to Arckanum since the release of Kostogher. I was a bit skeptical of post-hiatus Arckanum, and felt Antikosmos was a bit okayish. This album, with out of doubt, is a real winner. Good old school (early-mid '90s style) BM.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator I don't usually listen to black metal, but when I do it's ARCKANUM.

Seriously, just a bloody great BM album. Killer organic production, great riffs, vocals that rip the skin off your back.

It's all here. Get it.

An undiscovered classic of the genre IMHO. Favorite track: Þórhati.
n0kturnal thumbnail
n0kturnal The best album of Arckanum <3 Favorite track: Þann Svartís.
Þórhati 03:59
Þursvitnir 05:51
Þyrstr 01:33
Þjazagaldr 04:54
Þrúðkyn 04:29
Þríandi 04:15
Þyteitr 02:47


Shrouded in swirling mists, disappearing worlds surrender to the irresistible onset of eternal darkness. A new age is imminent. "ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ" invokes wrath from the world of ice, beckoning snowstorms from the netherworld. As Þjazi and his tribe declare war on the Gods, furious winters descend. Chaos-currents destroy the cosmos; Ragna Røk is upon us. ARCKANUM's potent Old Norse kennings incite a shift in the balance of all things, providing a snapshot of bleak demise (and rebirth). Shamaatae’s entrancing fifth album mesmerises, enraptures and elicits fear, transporting us on a terrifying journey to realms unvisited. Spontaneous, focused torrents - unmistakeably ARCKANUM - recall an ancient past and ravage the future that never was. Engulfed in black, encased in ice, entrapped in chaos, frozen worlds fall extinct...


released May 29, 2009


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Debemur Morti Productions France

Founded 2003 in Paris, Debemur Morti Productions is a renowned independent record label with an impressively diverse catalogue of over 240 releases to date.
Initially a primary champion of underground Black Metal, over time the label has branched out to explore all facets of extreme music, maintaining a
coherent vision where exceptional physical products align with first-rate
musical content.
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